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Our dynamic partners and founders are not only redefining industries – they’re changing the way the world works

We share a passion for creatively solving the world’s most pressing problems through the use of technology. We are industry agnostic: we partner with experienced founders who have a vision for transformative businesses that are mission-driven and leverage our deep expertise to co-found, invest, and scale resilient companies.

As technical pioneers on frontiers such as AI, blockchain, SaaS, and e-commerce, we combine commercial acumen with a flair for innovative tech to take projects from idea, all the way to exit.

What do we look for in a venture?

While no two deals are the same, there are some common traits that are characteristic of a typical IMS venture:

    • Sizeable market opportunity
    • Visionary entrepreneur with deep industry expertise
    • Proprietary technology to create barriers to entry
    • Disruptive business model

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Our Story

Founded in 2016 by Anastasios Papadopoulos, IMS was started with a vision for bringing world-class enterprise solutions to Asia.

It quickly became the largest independent digital agency in Hong Kong, working on some of the biggest private equity-backed and corporate tech projects with Fortune100 and Fortune500 companies.

Upon recognising that the same cutting-edge approach to technology that was being used to transform laggard industries had the potential to scale software companies that can redefine how consumers, businesses, and entire markets interact, IMS launched its venture building arm.

Our portfolio now spans multiple industries and projects.

Our mission

To turn the odds in favour of entrepreneurs aspiring to launch disruptive enterprise tech focused businesses.

We de-risk and accelerate the start-up phase

Start-up success rates are low. We excel in building resilient business models that combine outstanding technology with effective go-to market strategy. Our strategy, tech, and venture capital team work seamlessly with our founders and partners to mitigate risks across every stage of the venture lifecycle, maximising its chance of success.

“The model of IMS Digital Ventures is incredibly powerful – partnering with us allows early-stage technology ventures to dramatically increase both the speed and chances of success.

IMS gets involved in all phases of the start-up building process (business model validation, investment, product scoping & build and scaling) and deploys a vast array of technical talent at each stage.

We are the perfect long-term partner for any talented entrepreneur looking to disrupt their industry through technology.

Harsha MaturuPrincipal