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Our mission is to turn the odds in favour of entrepreneurs aspiring to launch industry-defining tech companies

We’re changing the rules of the start-up game by tipping the odds in favour of entrepreneurs. We invest in and co-found promising start-ups with the potential to disrupt industries. By leveraging our in-house capability of over 300 top-tier software engineers, digital marketers and business development talent, we are able to fast-track both the launch and scaling phases of our ventures. 

What do we look for in a venture?

While no two deals are the same, there are some common traits that are characteristic of a typical IMS venture: 

  • Sizeable market opportunity 
  • Visionary entrepreneur with deep industry expertise 
  • Proprietary technology to create barriers to entry 
  • Disruptive business model 
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What sets us apart 

We combine commercial acumen and deep tech expertise to help founders conceptualise, build, and scale game-changing companies. We don’t build technology for technology’s sake. Instead, we thoughtfully architect innovative solutions that address real-world opportunities to generate tangible business benefits. 

Our Team

Meet our team to find out what it’s like to build game-changing ventures alongside visionary entrepreneurs.

“The model of IMS Digital Ventures is incredibly powerful – partnering with us allows early-stage technology ventures to dramatically increase both the speed and chances of success.

IMS gets involved in all phases of the start-up building process (business model validation, investment, product scoping & build and scaling) and deploys a vast array of technical talent at each stage.

We are the perfect long-term partner for any talented entrepreneur looking to disrupt their industry through technology.”

Harsha MaturuPrincipal
Meet our team