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From experiential e-commerce to blockchain-powered solutions, multi-tenant marketplaces to AI-powered personalisations

We are defining the new frontiers of e-commerce for B2B and B2C brands.

E-commerce solutions have proliferated as demand from consumers has accelerated. We work with founders who, through an intimate understanding of both parties in an e-commerce transaction, have a vision for how to change the rules of the game for their industry. We work with founders to hone that vision into a unique, scalable e-commerce solution that can take on industry behemoths and legacy players – and come out on top.  

The world of e-commerce is changing. You can either try and keep up, or work with us to shape its future. 

Let’s work together to drive that shift

Focus Areas


Leveraging blockchain and NFT e-commerce

Web3 and e-commerce are becoming synonymous with experiential e-commerce. From luxury jewellery pieces to rare whisky finds, IMS Digital Ventures is at the forefront of how web3 technologies are pushing the boundaries of e-commerce.


Integrating social commerce

New and exciting ways to reach consumers continue to emerge, creating both challenges and opportunities for businesses looking to engage target audiences. We work with visionary entrepreneurs to re-imagine the way consumers discover, browse, and purchase in industries as diverse as FMCG, organic, and wellness.


Building marketplaces

Off-the-shelf e-commerce platforms will only take you so far. We build proprietary technology to transform the way your marketplace participants interact with each other, from brands to consumers and other third parties. Make data part of your business model with advanced analytics and deep insights that power business strategy and increase the value of your company.


Powering platforms through AI

Win customers, and market share, by embedding the latest AI technology into your e-commerce business model. Transform a mundane user journey into a thoughtful, personalised experience with built-in machine learning and algorithms to keep customers coming back for more, and more, and more…

Featured Venture


Building a blockchain-powered e-commerce solution for organic brands looking to penetrate the APAC market and win consumer trust, in an industry traditionally crippled by counterfeit products. 

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“I am a passionate advocate for the benefits of organic lifestyles. Through my experience in Asia, I knew that there was a significant opportunity for brands to build relationships with China’s expanding, health-conscious middle class. China’s organic accreditation system is one of the most sophisticated in the world. I knew I needed to partner with a tech company who understood the region and could architect a flexible, scalable e-commerce solution that, through blockchain, could unite those two market trends.”

Ole WalterCEO of OrgHive