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SaaS solutions are changing the way we live and do business and with new and exciting emerging technologies, we’re really just at the beginning

We specialise in developing solution-driven, B2B SaaS solutions that streamline, automate, and reinforce processes and relationships across different industries. We look for founders with an acute understanding of how an industry works – and an idea that will transform the way business is conducted by industry actors. 

With exciting emerging technologies such as AI and blockchain, the possibilities in the SaaS market are limitless. Together, let’s create a new set of rules for how business is done. 

Let’s work together to drive that shift

Focus Areas


Automating business processes and relationship building

Technology has changed the way we live and work. SaaS has the power to transform business models by giving time back to the workforce through task automation and centralisation of data.


Reimagining business boundaries thanks to AI

From being able to identify cybersecurity threats before they happen to streamlining workflow processes for legacy business models, the world today stands at the precipice of a SaaS revolution. IMS Digital Ventures invests in tech start-ups that can leverage AI to create a significant competitive advantage for its clients.

Featured Venture


As the digital world moves towards Web3 and the metaverse, this next-gen predictive software will prevent your company from becoming the next cautionary tale about consumer data breaches. Blacklight is the evolving sanctuary for cybersecurity, establishing a revolutionary foundation across APAC, EMEA, and the world. 

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“Technologies like AI have enabled us to redefine what we thought the limits were in cybersecurity. Working with IMS as a partner has enabled us to de-risk the journey to MVP. We’ve been able to tap into some of the brightest minds in emerging tech so that we can focus on defining a product that is game-changing. Blacklight is a cybersecurity software that cleverly uses AI and machine learning to detect software threats – before they happen. We’re not upholding the industry standard – we’re setting it.”

Ralph ChammahCo-founder & CEO, OwlGaze