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We invest in business models that have the potential to leverage blockchain to transform relationships, transactions, and entire industries

We don’t just help you market your blockchain solution, we partner with you to architect, build, and scale a thriving ecosystem for your business idea 

We live in a world where consumers and businesses alike increasingly demand transparency and trust in our daily work and life. Tech start-ups are in an enviable position of being able to integrate blockchain as a core component of their business model that address explicit trust, changing the rules of the industries they operate in and setting a new standard for industry actors. 

Blockchain has the potential to disrupt almost any industry.  

Let’s work together to drive that shift

Focus Areas


Transaction and trust

Blockchain is highly secure and almost impossible to counterfeit due to the underlying cryptography used. Independent auditors can monitor mischief in the network. Blockchain will provide the trust and security needed for multiple organizations to connect on the shared ledger.


Commercial value record keeping

Blockchain provides immutable and transparent transactions. A decentralized and distributed ledger also eliminates any process of reconciliation and settlement.


Claim certifications and authenticity verification

Blockchain provides a secure digital distributed ledger that allows for seamless business processes which involve various participants and eliminates the need for issuing traditional paper-based certificate credentials. Anyone can verify the authenticity of these digital certificates without depending on the manual intervention of the Issuing authority. The digital medium is protected with cryptography.


Registration of tangible asset ownership

Blockchain is the technology that utilizes an open, decentralized/ distributed ledger of transactions involving value. Its coding method allows for secure record-keeping in distributed online ledgers where members share and confirm information with no central authority. A blockchain platform for Unified Registry will provide the trust and security needed for multiple stakeholders to connect on the shared ledger.

Featured Venture

Property Raptor

Property Raptor is becoming a marketplace for all industry stakeholder while also digitising the entire real estate transaction process. Blockchain technology powers Raptor’s global private data distribution and transactional services network.

Find out more about Property Raptor

“I see blockchain revolutionising how almost every industry operates – when implemented correctly, it’ll deliver huge value by increasing trust, security, transparency and traceability of data across all value chains

At IMS, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of blockchain technology. From creating a new digital diamond brand born on the metaverse to building a world-leading blockchain-based organic authentication technology to being a co-founder of a whisky asset-backed NFT platform to developing an international property sales marketplace, we strive to integrate this innovative technology into our clients and ventures for real-world application wherever appropriate. I’m excited to see where IMS will go next in the world of blockchain and Web3”

Ravi ChoudharyBlockchain Architect