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Ambitious. Disruptive. Experiential. We get excited about bold projects with the potential to change the way industry actors interact

We help to develop sustainable business models that leverage community, network effects, and innovative technology.

Transform an existing brand or re-imagine an entire business model in the world of web3. We apply the principles of product development and community-building to hone founders’ value proposition and finetune a business model that can generate sustainable return. Our team of software engineers and strategists work alongside founders to design an innovative tech landscape for web3 projects to thrive. 

We’re on the precipice of a monumental shift in how brands and consumers interact. 

Let’s work together to drive that shift

Focus Areas


Ethereum smart contracts

We offer full stack blockchain development, including smart contract and staking contract development and auditing. We will work with you to create a strategy that traces the full lifecycle of assets and products, or provides access to limited edition products, exclusive experiences, event passes, or unique artifacts.

Tokenisation and NFTs

NFTs are inspiring industries to re-imagine the way consumers and brands interact. We invest in ventures that leverage tokenisation technology to engage audiences in new and exciting ways or that incorporate tokenisation as an inherent part of their business model. Our expertise spans loyalty programmes, membership schemes, product authentication, and enriching product experiences.

Growing a web3 community

By working with us to market your web3 project, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds: data-driven growth marketing expertise and deep web3 knowledge. The world of web3 is pushing the boundaries when it comes to how brands build and engage their communities: our venture partners can tap into our strengths relating to go-to market strategy, community strategy, automated marketing campaigns, and data analytics.

Technological development

The web3 technological landscape is evolving at lightning speed, providing unprecedented opportunities for industry challengers. Our world class team of AI architects, blockchain engineers, and developers will transform your vision into a viable company with potential to scale.

Featured Venture


WhiskyGenius is a first-of-its-kind global marketplace for tradable NFTs backed by physical bottles and casks of whisky. NFT holders get exclusive access to curated distillery trips, VIP tours, and other virtual and real-world experiences. 

Find out more about WhiskyGenius

“Our vision with WhiskyGenius is to bridge the gap between distilleries and the retail market, offering an all-inclusive marketplace, facilitating access to rare whiskies and simplifying the process. We came to IMS with a vision and they provided the tech innovation to bring it to life.”

Murray HoldgateChief Whisky Officer of WhiskyGenius