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The folklore around AI is a man-versus-machine thriller. How different is AI in the real world?

Computers going rogue is as unlikely as time-travelling robot assassins—sorry, Arnie! We have nothing more to fear from the tech behind AI than we do from the tech behind our hair dryers.

There’s a lot of hype around AI being a panacea for all our problems. And while it does have huge potential—like being used to manage sustainability in agriculture or to improve energy management in cities—I think its most fascinating side is how it permeates our daily life. AI is remarkably banal compared to what we see in films. You use it so much in your daily life, you forget how omnipresent it is—from how you discover new music to how you check the grammar on your email.

What role does venture capital play in shaping the future of AI?

It’s not an exaggeration to say that venture capital will make or break our future. Today’s entrepreneurs are using tech to solve tomorrow’s problems. And venture capital is critical to bringing those ideas to life.

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