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Property Raptor is one of the world’s most advanced real estate CRM solutions.

It is a comprehensive, enterprise-level, blockchain powered real estate SaaS offering that facilitates and optimises the entire real estate transaction process

OrgHive is an organic and wellness digital one-stop-shop distribution platform,supported by its China-based social platform (20m+ users) and advanced China-based blockchain authentication technology

OwlGaze is a revolutionary, AI-based, end-to-end predictive cyber threat detection software company. Its software offering ( Blacklight) identifies, prioritises, prevents and predicts cyber attacks by using advanced correlation & AI.

A fully supported digital ecosystem that helps brands achieve high levels of growth online by providing an integrated connection between commerce, marketing, and data to create a unified, seamless experience for the customer and the brand.

Web3AI & Blockchain

The world’s first global whisky NFT marketplace that unites distilleries, collectors, investors, and consumers. It is a decentralised platform to mint and trade NFTs backed by investment-level bottles and cask of rare whisky that can be traded seamlessly

SaaSAI & Blockchain

Futureproof is a software platform offering a truly revolutionary mortgage that helps solve the global retirement funding gap. It’s game-changing solution that allows ‘asset-rich, cash poor’ homeowners to leverage their housing equity in a way previously never possible.