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  • Search Engine Marketing
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  • Branding strategy
  • Social listening
  • Customer journeys
  • Keyword strategy
  • Website development
  • KOL and KOC campaigns
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The modern Chinese consumer is discerning, digitally-driven, and searching for value beyond the transaction

By leveraging various online channels tailored to Chinese consumers, we helped this European skincare brand crack the online market and grow its market share in China


growth in user traffic


more sales conversion by the third month of Tmall launch


5-star customer reviews across all e-commerce channels

While well-respected and successful in Europe, this pre-eminent skincare brand was only known to a small cult of beauty enthusiasts in China. It needed to discover innovative ways to build brand awareness and generate trial in order to increase its market share in the China market. But, there are thousands of beauty brands – domestic and international, big and small – competing for consumer attention. Our challenge was to break through the noise and communicate the unique selling points of the products to attract potential consumers to the brand. By leveraging comprehensive competitor analysis, consumer research and social media channels, we were able to:

  • Increase brand exposure and improve return on investment (ROI) on ads
  • Engage with the target audience the right way to boost brand awareness
  • Convey our brand DNA which helped differentiate our brand from competitors

Constructing an effective customer relationship management (CRM) system to enable personalized customer journeys

Data is a crucial component of any marketing strategy. Therefore, one of our priorities was to set up a CRM to capture valuable customer data which we leveraged to map meaningful customer journeys. We collected and accumulated important information that would help us profile each customer, such as demographic information, product interests and needs, and purchasing history. We were able to integrate these CRM data into our marketing and advertising efforts as well as sales strategies to generate more sales and revenue for the brand.

Launching data-led SEO and SEM campaigns to significantly generate both organic and paid traffic

Part of our first steps in building brand awareness for the brand was to get more users to learn about and search for the brand and its products. In addition to creating branded content on official channels and driving user-generated content on social media platforms, we launched powerful SEO and SEM campaigns to market the brand and ensure it had maximum visibility in front of the consumers. With all the consistent, coordinated marketing efforts, the brand’s website traffic as well as social media followers skyrocketed within just a few months of launch.

Our results within 3 months demonstrated:

  • An average of over 500% growth in user traffic​
  • 5 times more sales conversion by the third month of Tmall launch
  • 98% 5-star customer reviews across all e-commerce channels
  • Over 50 earned media channels featuring the brand and its products
  • Monthly website visitors consistently comprised of at least 80% new visitors (translated to successful customer acquisition)

Conquer the China market with the latest market and consumer insights