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Property Raptor, the AI-driven, real estate software innovator, today announced its launch into the UK property market. With uncertainty around the UK property market increasing, the company is on a mission to help maximise sales for both agencies and agents.

Noticing a continued reliance on paper-based methods, spreadsheets, siloed systems and inefficient ways of capturing data, Property Raptor was launched to give time back to agents and remove guesswork from sales. The company, led by CEO Justin Lau, helps real estate professionals to nurture customer relationships, automate sales, and close more deals.

Property Raptor’s Salesforce-powered CRM software uses advanced ‘two-way AI matching’ to automatically match properties that suit prospective clients based on their search criteria. It contains a host of productivity tools for agencies to engage prospects, deliver exceptional customer service, and manage all processes in a trusted end-to-end solution. The results include an average lift of 43% in data accuracy and an 18% decrease in average length of sales cycle across customers’ client base.

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