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IMS Digital Ventures promotes fairness and equitable trade by digitising the most laggard sectors such as mining, whisky distilleries and agriculture.

Anastasios Papadopoulos, the founder of IMS Digital Ventures, is on a mission to transform the industries in most need of supply chain innovation, by using blockchain to promote equitable trade. Having launched his venture capital firm, IMS Digital Ventures, in 2016, Papadopoulos is now expanding his investment portfolio with a particular focus on social impact initiatives.

From a disruptive diamond company and a rare whisky global marketplace to a sophisticated AgriTech authentication platform, read on to find out about the legacy Papadopoulos wants to build through impact investing.

How do you see technology’s role in creating positive change for the environment and for communities?

I believe that technology doesn’t just disrupt industries—it also creates permanent, positive change by making business practices fairer and more equitable. It’s not just about building cool tech for the sake of it, it’s about looking at how trade is done at an industry level and asking “how can technology serve a greater purpose here?”. This is how I hope to build a portfolio of companies that authentically reflects my values.

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