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OrgHive promotes fair and equitable trade through an integrated blockchain-based solution that unites supply chain transparency, ESG commitments, and consumer engagement

The Technology


The big idea

As consumers demand more transparency and accountability, future market share will be won by those who redefine standards when it comes to the environment and communities.

OrgHive’s focus is to create solutions that are transparent, verified, and consumer-focused, to enable companies to create positive impact by unleashing the full power of data and world-class blockchain technology.

Through plug-and-play solutions, OrgHive’s goal is to help organisations support farmers, consumers, communities, and, ultimately, our planet.

OrgChain: a 360-degree blockchain solution

OrgChain’s 360-degree blockchain solution strengthens clients’ competitive advantage for transformative change. The platform delivers innovative technology to support organisations’ commitments on third-party standards, fair trade practices, organic certifications, decarbonisation, regulation and more.

Digital customer experience & data analysis

OrgHive helps put consumers at the heart of organisations’ social impact initiatives by leveraging blockchain technology, data analytics, and consumer loyalty programmes for an unparalleled multi-channel experience.

The bottom line?

OrgHive is on a mission to create positive community and client change through blockchain technology, data analytics, and the power of software.