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Making your world safer through proprietary AI software that provides predictive and proactive solutions to counter the risk of cyber threats

The Technology


The big idea

Owlgaze helps you manage the risks that are outside of your control with its next-gen and predictive solutions to counter the risk from a dramatic rise in cyber threats.

Owlgaze’s signature software, Blacklight, is the world’s first ever truly predictive AI-powered detection software. It enables a pro-active approach to identifying, prioritising, and preventing cyber-attacks and provides a robust solution for real-time security monitoring and detection, detection and response, reporting, and skill development for SOC teams.

Blacklight: the first-ever truly predictive AI-based cyber threat detection software

Owlgaze’s Blackight is a revolutionary end-to-end predictive cyber threat detection software company. Its software offering identifies, priorities, prevents and predicts cyber-attacks by using advanced correlation and AI. It has a track record serving some of the largest corporations in the world.

Strategy & architecture

Owlgaze helps organisations fortify their defenses against cyber-attacks by implementing strategic plans to safeguard your sensitive data, applications and critical infrastructure. With the right approach, you can better insulate your organisation from threats as your company grows.

Identity & data

The rise of digital transformation has resulted in increased challenges when managing identities. Owlgaze helps companies implement robust frameworks to deal with data: especially important in the context of the rising trend of employees working from home and a general increase in reliance on third-party partners.

Detection & response

COVID-19, remote work, and digital transformation have accelerated the growth of cyber risks and threats. This has resulted in a corresponding rise in increased cyber threats and cybercriminal attacks. Owlgaze can put in place sophisticated detection and response processes to ensure your organisation has the capabilities, resources, and technology to withstand cyber threats.

Cloud & engineering

As networks become increasingly complex, they become more susceptible to different security breaches. Cyber-attacks can interrupt a company’s main services, threaten disruption to operations, and cause financial losses. Owlgaze solves this problem by engineering a secure network that optimises productivity and growth while reducing your company’s exposure to cyber-attacks.

The bottom line?

Owlgaze provides cutting-edge, end-to-end solutions that protect your organisation against the rise in cyber threats.