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Property Raptor

A powerful all-in-one real estate software that transforms the selling opportunity at every stage of the transaction process for agents & developers

The big idea

A powerful SaaS solution that automates and optimises the entire real estate transaction process, from lead generation and AI-powered lead matching to a blockchain-supported data marketplace.

Property Raptor is a real estate platform that applies innovative, best-in-class technology to solve tangible problems faced by real estate industry actors.

This powerful software solution transforms the transaction experience for client and agent alike, empowers agencies to better manage their businesses, and facilitates transactions for developers.

Productivity, redefined

We know that commercial success depends on implementation. That’s why we’ve worked closely with industry experts and clients to ensure that every aspect of Property Raptor is intuitive, seamless, and efficient. With a dazzling interface and smart functionality, we’re redefining how digital tools can be used to create productivity and profit in the workplace.

Lead generation made easy

Automation and built-in processes provide clever guidance across property transactions, from marketing to closing (so long, tedious paperwork!), while managers get real-time access to team dashboards from any device.

Data insights that are actually usable

Property Raptor also takes the guesswork out of business growth by providing usable, story-driven dashboards to empower data-led decision-making at every level of the organisation. Agency owners can access cutting-edge insights that change the way they manage their business for the better, creating strategic competitive advantages in their market.

The bottom line?

Property Raptor is a sleek antidote to fragmented digital solutions that are holding back the real estate market. It offers a comprehensive solution to transform the entire real estate transaction process, creating efficiency, driving growth, and unleashing the full potential of productivity.


less time spent on admin


acceleration in deal closings

Upcoming releases

We’ve just launched version 2.0 of our software. Watch this space for new feature releases planned for 2023.

What’s next?

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