Property Raptor

Reimagining the closing experience for real estate agents 

The big idea

Transform real estate transactions by helping agents market and close properties effortlessly. Property Raptor is a real estate platform that brings together innovative tech to fully digitalise the real estate experience from start to finish. 

What can Property Raptor do for agents? 

  • 30% less time spent on admin 
  • 11% acceleration in deal closings 

Real Estate




Marketing automation
Predictive Intelligence


How we did it

Productivity, redefined

With workflows designed with industry experts, we’ve made the transition to Property Raptor seamless for agencies thanks to an intuitive interface. 

Lead generation made easy

Automation and built-in processes provide clever guidance across property transactions, from marketing to closing (so long, tedious paperwork!), while managers get real-time access to team dashboards from any device (because Excel spreadsheets are so 2010). 

Data insights that are actually usable

Property Raptor also takes the guesswork out of business growth by providing usable, storydriven dashboards to facilitate data-led decision-making. Agency owners are empowered with never-seen-before access to cutting insights that change the way they manage their business. 

The bottom line?

Property Raptor injects much-needed efficiency and cost-savings into an industry characterised by fragmented solutions. 

“I see blockchain revolutionising how almost every industry operates – when implemented correctly, it’ll deliver huge value by increasing trust, security, transparency and traceability of data across all value chains”

Ravi ChoudharyBlockchain Architect

What’s next?

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Upcoming releases

We’ve just launched version 2.0 of our software. Watch this space for new feature releases planned for 2023.