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As organisations continue to work towards a single view of the customer, they quickly realize that a sound, customized CRM-system is their new best friend (or stay of execution!). With the plethora of digital channels avidly used by consumers, ensuring an integrated consumer experience across all touchpoints of the buyer journey is more important than ever (3 out of 4 consumers consult social media before making a purchase). CRM tools are a key part of this transformative stage for companies: but of course, not all CRM systems are equal. It is crucial that companies feed ‘good’ data into their systems, select the right analytics tools, and customize the digital platforms at their disposal to get the best out of their digital strategy.

The digital advantage in customer engagement, and therefore retention, is vital in achieving the much-sought after customer-centric business model; it’s also just the start. Aligning sales and marketing strategies and setting effective KPIs communicated in a closed-loop reporting system is also paramount. Leaders and management teams should facilitate cultural shift through a robust, lead-by-example approach, with the objective that customer-centricity drives brand-consumer interactions at every touchpoint.

Organisations who deploy mature digital strategies in their marketing also enjoy the benefits of being more agile: they can respond quickly and more accurately to developments in the market, based on a deeper understanding of the customer. Across both B2B and B2C structures, although to varying degrees of success, obtaining a 360-degree view of the customer is their key driving principle. The result is that consumers are able to enjoy more interactive, personalized experiences that are far more sophisticated than the traditional sales funnel.

About the Author


Manuela leads the Marketing division at IMS, advising clients on branding and market positioning in both Europe and Asia.

Prior to joining IMS, Manuela worked in financial regulation and compliance. Past experiences include representing France in roundtable discussions in Brussels for the European Venture Capital Fund (EuVECA) Regulation.

She obtained her LL.B (Hons) at UCL before graduating from Sciences-Po, Paris, with a Master’s in Financial Regulation.

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