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  • Data analytics programme
  • Data visualization
  • Financial simulation
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Tableau
  • 1400% reduction in time to generate
    decision-making insights
  • 0.01 second time lag
  • 5.1x more efficient decision-making

How a global investment firm fostered insights-driven innovation to unlock business value

We empowered key executives in a prestigious financial institution to make faster, more informed decision-making that drives business revenue and efficiencies while facilitating innovation


reduction in time to generate insights for decision-making


timelag in data visualization


more efficient decision-making

Our client is an international investment firm with an impressive investment portfolio spanning the globe and industries. Faced with the challenge of fast-paced and rapidly changing markets, our client wanted to integrate an advanced analytics programme that empowered its executives to make data-driven decisions.

The firm’s management team realized that to encourage innovation through insights, they needed to build an advanced analytics programme to visualize financial performance with quantitative and analytical techniques that enhanced productivity and revenue generation. To achieve our goals, IMS worked with the client to:

  • Create BI dashboards for powerful storytelling and real-time, reliable decision-making
  • Consolidate data from disparate sources onto a comprehensive digital platform

A manual approach to insights generation was costly in time, efficiencies, and innovation stifling

The firm knew that it had immense potential to leverage the wealth of data it was collecting and transform it into insights that delivered cost savings and revenue streams, but it faced complex and inconsistent processes and gaping data silos. Manual approaches to data analytics were labour-intensive and resulted in a time lag that meant that insights were outdated or irrelevant. In addition, this approach impaired information-sharing across teams and posed a threat to transparency and collaboration.

Make data your superpower

From real-time data visualization to social listening tools, we offer services to help you solve critical business problems and build consumer feedback into solutions.

We created a powerful insights platform to centralize data from disparate sources and foster innovative through insights

Our first milestone was to sow the seeds for a solid data analytics programme that enabled teams across the entire organisation to act on a single source of truth. To achieve this, we worked with teams to extract their subject matter expertise and understand which insights would be relevant in their day-to-day operations. We used this framework to create powerful BI dashboards that allowed real-time monitoring of business context at a glance for powerful storytelling. As a next step, we also built a comprehensive digital platform that connects and structures fragmented data sources from various providers to generate interactive reports that allowed users to intuitively understand data implications and empower their workday.

By consolidating and structuring data, we were able to bring cutting-edge insights to teams across the organisation, transforming workflows and unlocking business value through a real-time, reliable framework.


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