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Ed Myer, Angus Walker and Anastasios Papadopoulos invite Tatler behind the scenes of tech investing and unveil what it takes to build resilient companies

In the past few months, IMS Digital Ventures has expanded its network of Hong Kong partners to include Ed Myer and Angus Walker. Previously, Myer was responsible for investments at his family’s Yulgilbar Group of Companies and co-founder of a global network of next-generation family offices focusing on investment, education, collaboration and networking. Walker was a senior analyst in the investment team at EFM Asset Management in Hong Kong.

They share their thoughts about what it takes to build resilient start-ups.

What made you decide to partner with IMS Digital Ventures?
Angus: It’s clear IMS has already achieved tremendous initial success, and it’s a privilege to join as a partner with the platform. It’s our job to now build and accelerate upon the great work done before us. To challenge globally, we must ruthlessly attract world-class talent to broaden our reach geographically and across industries to service more markets.

Ed: Even in the technologically advanced world we live in, people and relationships are what drives companies. It is a great time to be joining IMS as we’re seeing what used to be ideas turn into rapidly growing companies with big, reputable clients, ready to scale up.

What are key trends that entrepreneurs should watch out for in 2024?
Angus: The last decade presented a unique set of well-documented circumstances that culminated in zero-interest “free money” and rapid shifts in professional and social landscapes due to Covid. These paradigms … are undoubtedly unwinding. Three areas of focus for entrepreneurs which we look for are: building business models that leverage real-world assets through the application of technology; targeting customers with a high willingness to pay, especially enterprises; and scaling sustainably with a disciplined approach to spending.

Ed: The last few years have been challenging for the start-up world, but every year, no matter what the external environment, is hard for the start-up world. Resilience and agility are essential characteristics for businesses, founders and teams to become successful. We can see the tightening up of funding, with venture investors being very selective and cautious. Having a clear path to profitability needs to be in your pitch deck, unless you’re AI [laughs].

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