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In a market characterised by rising advertising and e-commerce operational costs, content marketing allowed us to cut through the noise and create long-lasting relationships with consumers

We combined innovative marketing initiatives with the power of OrgHive to help this organic baby food brand maximize its brand visibility and unlock tremendous sales opportunities in the Cross Border Ecommerce China market


growth in user traffic


ranking on China's most popular search engines


increase in monthly search volume for brand keywords

As one of the most popular, leading global baby food brands, this brand has achieved tremendous success in Europe. But it aspired to achieve a higher goal – it wanted to tap into the China market, as its large population and increasing birth rates present immense potential. Because the brand had minimal presence in China, one of our priorities was to build brand awareness and word-of-mouth to drive consumer traffic. Our challenge was to understand how each consumer touchpoint affected our target customers’ perceptions towards the brand. By leveraging social intelligence, we were able to:

  • Develop innovative ways to increase brand awareness as well as drive digital traffic for the brand
  • Create a tailored mix of media strategy that helped maximize the brand’s social presence
  • Produce compelling content that resonated with the consumers (particularly the mothers and mothers-to-be)

Increasing brand awareness and interacting with the Chinese consumers through effective influencer marketing

Chinese consumers often value the reviews and product recommendations by influencers, otherwise known as Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) or Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs) in China, more than traditional advertisements. Consumers are more likely to become interested in the products and convert if the products have positive reviews from KOLs or KOCs. With this consumer behaviour in mind, we launched a number of effective, engaging KOL and KOC campaigns for the purposes of both brand building and sales activation.

Developing and optimizing the brand’s website to ensure it ranks high on search engines, helping the brand generate traffic, leads, and conversions

As a brand who had just entered the China market, it was vital to have everything start on the right note. Through analysis and social listening, we concluded that the brand’s website would be one of the essential consumer touchpoints that had the potential of driving consumer decisions, encouraging repeat purchases, and eventually helping the brand increase its market share. In developing the website, we ensured it had the correct structure and compelling content with appropriate keywords so the brand as well as the site would organically rank high on search engines.

Our results within 6 months demonstrated:

  • Over 250,000 unique impressions on the OrgHive microsite
  • Over 600% growth in user traffic​
  • 450% increase in organic website traffic, with the brand name constantly ranking on top 3 on the popular search engines
  • 340% increase in store-locator page visits (conversion)
  • Monthly search volume for brand keywords grew as much as 260 times

Leveraging China’s largest community of organic consumers to reach niche target audiences and drive conversion

OrgHive is China’s largest community of online consumers, combining content and social features for a unique experience while allowing users to authenticate product origin thanks to advanced blockchain technology. To help penetrate a niche market and reach and convert target consumers, we leveraged OrgHive’s reach to grow brand awareness and drive online traffic to third-party e-commerce sites.


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