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Your company’s email campaigns can make or break your marketing strategy. On the one hand, relevant, targeted emails boast enviable click-through rates and conversion rates. On the other, email fatigue is higher than it has ever been before, with less than a quarter of consumers stating that they have received a memorable promotional email in the past two months. Segmentation is still the most popular tactic deployed by companies when developing email campaigns – and it works. We have seen that relevant promotional emails have over a third higher click through rates than generic emails.

Integrating email marketing tools with a sound CRM system is key to executing a thoughtful email strategy that creates value for the customer. Our clients are increasingly recognizing that simply including customers’ or prospects’ names in a headline won’t cut it. Estimates for how many emails a person receives a day vary from a conservative 130 to a hair-rising 250. How, then, can your company emails stand out from the crowd?

We suggest using the popular RFM model to help avoid marketing fatigue. The RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) model enables companies to perform a quantitative assessment for customer value. By assigning customers into one of five categories, you can easily identify customer groups and tailor your email frequency for each segment.

Another crucial technique for a sound email marketing strategy is to design an engaging welcome email series. When a prospect first registers their email address with you – or makes that first purchase, their interest is peaked. By feeding your new subscribers (or customers) value-adding content, you are growing their appetite for your company and sowing the seeds for strong brand loyalty. You can easily divide your welcome email journey into two main types: potential customers and first-time purchasers. While an obvious objective is to encourage that first purchase or upsell, it is worth exploring opportunities to truly cultivate a brand-user bond by focusing instead on developing trust and sharing your brand story in an exciting, engaging way.

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Manuela leads the Marketing division at IMS, advising clients on branding and market positioning in both Europe and Asia.

Prior to joining IMS, Manuela worked in financial regulation and compliance. Past experiences include representing France in roundtable discussions in Brussels for the European Venture Capital Fund (EuVECA) Regulation.

She obtained her LL.B (Hons) at UCL before graduating from Sciences-Po, Paris, with a Master’s in Financial Regulation.

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